What You Should Know about Enchantments

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If you buy items in Shadow Fights 2, whether they’re weapons, ranged weapons, helm or armor, they usually come along with extras called enchantments. At the Shop, you can have a detailed description of these enchantments. However, since they have a range of varieties, many players are confused with the presence and the use of enchantments including how they affect the fighter’s performance. In this article, we’d reveal what you should know about enchantments.

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How Does Enchantment Work?

Enchantment comes in a range of types and combinations but they basically work by providing advantages to the items they’re assigned to. While some weapons are already enchanted, you can add and/or upgrade them further. As expected, enchantments and its advancement will take effects on the items during the fight.

How To Get and Apply Enchantments

There are several ways you can get enchantments in Shadow Fight 2

1. Enchantments are already available in most premium or gem-purchased items. These bundled enchantments would vary for each gem items by default. The shop will inform you of the description on the listings so you can buy items by also considering the enchantments attached.

2. Some fights may also offer enchantment rewards if you win them. These also include particular game modes in Shadow Fight 2.

3. You can spend Shadow Orbs for a range of enchantments in the Forge section. You can find tens of enchantments to choose from and forge them through recipes to achieve particular effects.

Recipes? What Is That?

Enchantment recipes are basically the combination of enchantments to assign particular effects on the stacked items. There are three major recipes including Simple recipes, Medium recipes, and Mythical recipes which represent the complexities, grades of effects, and types of orbs spent for forging. Enchantment forging will take from minutes to hours to complete depending on the types and complexity. However, you can use some gems to speed up things that are completely optional and not actually necessary if you have a limited balance of gems.

  • Simple Recipes include Precision, Overheat, Poisoning, Weakness, Magic Recharge, Bloodrage, Rejuvenation, and Damage Absorption.
  • Medium Recipes include Lifesteal, Enfeeble, Bleeding, Stun, Frenzy, Regeneration, Damage Return, and Shielding.
  • Mythical Recipes include Tempest Rage, Typhoon of Spirits, Stone Fetters, and Searing Luminary.

We’d go in-depth for these recipes in other articles. For now, you can head to Forge whenever available and have a look at the recipes.

Are They Replaceable?

Enchantments are undoubtedly a premium investment in Shadow Fight 2. You’ll need to grind hard or spend real money for adequate currencies to redeem them. So, the question is legit and fortunately, the answer is no. If you carefully read the recipes, Simple, Medium, and Mythical Recipes feature different enchantments. The more advanced enchantments won’t replace the existing one so you can strategically use all of them in the matches.

Why Do I Need Enchanting My Equipment?

First of all, shadow fight 2 equipment enchantments are optional and most gem-purchased items already have them. However, if you’ve tried multiple times to defeat the Titan or demon bosses but keep failing, enchantments may increase your winning chances. It gives you wide advantages when fighting tough enemies. 

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