What You Can Shop in Shadow Fight 2

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Whenever you need to purchase items, upgrade weapons, buy currencies in Shadow Fight 2, you can simply visit the in-game Shop. Here is what you should know about the Shop in Shadow Fight 2.

Providing Complete Listings

It’s responsible for providing supplies you need to play the game as well as informing you of the stats and properties. Yes, you can always the detailed information about the damage, speed, and other factors of the items in the shop before you buy one. There would be also price information. The Shop is designed to ease you when buying items based on your needs (and budget).

Accessible since The beginning

Unlike particular shadow fight 2 game modes or mini-games, the Shop is available since the beginning. Special items of events would be also available in the Shop. There are dynamic items added and removed from the Shop through updates or specific events

What You Can Shop in Shadow Fight 2

You can basically shop all items as long as they’re available in Shadow Fight 2. These include weapons, range weapons, armors, helmets, and magic amulets. These items can be found, bought, enchanted, and upgraded through the Shop.


Shadow Fight 2 has an extensive range of weapons you can purchase from Shop. There would be various standard weapons, superweapons, and ranged weapons. Standard weapons stand for those which feature no enchantment by default while pre-enchanted weapons are called superweapons.

There are also ranged weapons that you can use to launch a ranged attack during fights. Ranged weapons are also available in standard and the super versions with the same mechanics as the non-ranged weapons.

All of these weapons can be upgraded and enchanted within the Shop. Of course, there would be diverse aspects for upgrades and enchantments to apply to each type/model of weapon. Always have a look at the weapon stats to comprehend what you can and will do with particular weapons.


Your character will always need armors during fights in Shadow Fight 2. These will absorb and reduce the damages delivered by your enemy. Like weapons, there are standard armors and super armors which both can be upgraded. As expected, standard armors have no default enchantments but you can use coins to buy them. On the other hand, super armors feature pre-enchantments but you can only buy and upgrade them with gems.  


Your upper body especially the head features vulnerable points that can’t take high damage. These helms help you reducing the damages even though doesn’t completely stop them. Helms also come in standard (not pre-enchanted) and super version (pre-enchanted). You can purchase standard helms with coins but super helms can only be purchased with free gems. Both types of helms can be upgraded.


Amulets are the deploying tool of the most powerful attacks in Shadow Fight 2, the Magic. It works like special attacks which can be recharged over time. Again, Amulets comes in standard(not pre-enchanted) and premium(pre-enchanted) version. Premium Amulets can only be purchased with gems while you can use coins to buy standard ones in the Shop. Both Amulet types can be upgraded.

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