Ultimate Tips on Playing Shadow Fight 2 Part 2

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If you’re struggling with your progress in Shadow Fight 2 campaigns, you’re not alone. Many players get stuck with particular parts or elements of the game and not a few of them have just given up. Shadow Fight 2 is a fun mobile game and there shouldn’t be things that make your stress of sad while playing it. What you need are some revelations on how to get through stages and game modes more effectively.

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While we can’t generalize the progress and paths of all Shadow Fight 2 players, we would summarize how to deal with the game mechanics. These can help you making strategical decisions whatever the methods you’re going through now. If you’ve just started to play, then these tips could be more helping. 

Complete Each Segment with Simple Grinding

As you might have known that you’ll have to defeat bosses to complete each segment in Shadow Fight 2. However, as you’re leveling up, you need to upgrade and/or enchant your equipment so you can complete the Tournament and Challenge fights. You might have been trying different modes to earn adequate platinum, coins, and gems but it seems not to work. That’s actually the problem when you randomly pick game modes for grinding. Playing Survival mode could be the most functional method to earn enough currencies for upgrading the equipment.

Struggling for Level 52

Level 52 is defined as the highest player level and that should be one of your main goals. Monk set and boss weapons are free-unlocked when you reach the point. It gives more flexibility in defeating those super bosses. That’s true, you can play Shadow Fight 2 for completely free but you need to have targets and this point should be one of them. It actually informs you how far your current stats can go through the Shadow Fight 2 game modes. From now on, you can decide more clearly in upgrading equipment.

Get Rid of The Bodyguard

Dealing with the bodyguard could be a daunting task sometimes. Your main obstacles could have been your equipment, particularly the weapons. Actually, even standard weapons (as we’ve mentioned in part 1) can take the demon’s bodyguards down. However, when it comes tougher, you’ll need to upgrade them to the point where you can use it to kill the bodyguards. It’s very important to focus on functional upgrades as further advancements may cost you equal to or more than purchasing superweapons.

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Staged Weaponizing

Every non-paying player in Shadow Fight 2 may deal with tough grinding but nothing is impossible if you really want to progress. When it comes to fighting the Titan, it’s legit to use whatever you got. Since it also depends on how you control your players, weapon upgrade or optimization can be done in stages. For example, you can try your current weapon, then boss weapons, then the monk set, and exploring the enchantments. That’s the common stages of weaponizing when fighting Titan while you’re dealing with limited sources or currencies at the same time.

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