Ultimate Tips on Playing Shadow Fight 2 Part 1

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Shadow Fight 2 features extensive modes and acts. Progressing could be a daunting task whether it’s for beginners or players who keep playing without clues and guides. There are exact theories about how to play Shadow Fight 2 but you can always optimize your play. If you find yourself hardly progressing in Shadow Fight 2, then you’re not alone as there are many people also have similar experiences.

What you need is some insights into playing Shadow Fight 2 in different modes. We reveal some ultimate tips below, let’s check them out.

Strategical Grinding

Yeps, Shadow Fight 2 features a range of game modes where you can level up and take rewards on completions. However, you can’t go further with a random grinding but you need a strategical one. Set your grinding cycle to meet basic economic principles. It may vary for each player but you can grind in particular modes or mini-games to earn adequate currencies for purchasing more advanced equipment. This way, not only that you won’t run out coins/gems but you can also level up more quickly.

Coin Weapons Are Enough

If you’ve been playing Shadow Fight 2 for a while, you should have known that there are weapons you can buy with coins and the ones you can purchase with gems. Of course, weapons of gem are the ones that feature advanced stats and properties. However, if you play through Acts, you’ll soon realize that weapons of coins are enough. We’re not saying that they have the same stats(of course, they don’t) but you’ll be amazed how far you can go with coin-purchased weapons. Don’t waste your time and energy for being anxious about the gem-purchased weapon.

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Equip Your Player Properly

Keeping the balance is the key to success in Shadow Fight 2. Leveling up doesn’t only leave you with glory but also “responsibility”. Yep, the higher your level, you’ll be exposed to tougher competitions which are indicated by challenges coming to your player. Even though your current player stats are good, there would be advancements you should buy to keep up the competition. At this point, leveling up should be prepared with proper equipment or at least with a considerable amount of currency balance.

Upgrading Your Equipment

Almost all of the equipment including the weapons ranged weapons, helmet, armors or amulet can be upgraded. It’s suggested to grind in the Survival modes to maximize your upgrade projects. This strategy will give you an adequate balance to apply the necessary upgrades. Non-upgraded weapons may kill the bodyguard but not the bosses. Demons are the serious opponents that require both proper weapons and strategy to fight.

Don’t Rush with Enchantments

Despite being upgraded, your weapons can be enchanted which costs you some coins even gems. If you’re using the standard weapons, enchantments can improve their performances. However, don’t rush with it as you can use current weapons and progress further. You can enchant the weapons whenever you can no longer use them to complete the ongoing stages.

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