Start Playing Shadow Fight 2. Check These Beginner’s Guides

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You Are Here:, TipsStart Playing Shadow Fight 2. Check These Beginner’s Guides

Shadow Fight 2 is undoubtedly one of the most decent fighting mobile games and is the successful sequel of the franchise as well. Shadow Fight 2 brings some new elements which you can’t find on its predecessor. There are more modes, acts, weapons, and other new equipment. It also features a smoother graphics and controls which make it more comfortable to play without reducing the challenges to reach the Gate of Shadows.

If you’ve just started or want to play Shadow Fight 2, follow our guides below for a better gaming experience

1. Master The Control

Around 50% percent of the success in winning matches in Shadow Fight 2 is determined by how you control your fighter. There are various types of movement including punches and kicks as well as navigation movements you can launch with a virtual joystick on your screen. We suggest you not to skip the tutorial and even repeat it until you master the control. This step is important if you want to level up more quickly and grind more effectively through diverse modes.

2. Attack The Weakness Points

Yes, there are such things in Shadow Fight 2. Many players hardly beat the bodyguard but attacking their body while they can actually kill the monsters more effectively by targeting their upper body or simply their head. There are actually weakness points on your enemies you can attack to kill them faster. Makes your attacks effectively hitting these points and cover yours. That’s the basic technique to beat most enemies at the initial stages of Shadow Fight 2.

3. Learning for Your Mistakes

Just like the console fighting game, Shadow Fight 2 also allows you to replay the game sessions. It’s natural if you’ve been beaten down by the enemies as the Act goes on and difficulty increases. There are chances where you need several attempts to beat them back. At this point, you can take advantage of replaying your game and evaluating your mistakes as a base of a more effective fighting strategy.  

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4. Controlling and Navigating Your Fighter

There are chances when your fighter gets cornered by the enemies. Instead of establishing a fortress, which you can’t actually do, it’s better to keep navigating your fighter. Don’t give up and keep concentrating on the way out as there are always ones. Enemies are responsive to every movement and readjust their responses. By keep moving, there would be a greater chance you can escape the cornered position.

5. Equipping and Upgrading Your Fighter

There are two major elements in Shadow Fight 2 every player should control: Fighter and the equipment. You need to upgrade your player to unlock advanced movements. These will give you greater options in launching diverse attacks and kill your enemies more effectively. The same things go to your weapons, helms, ranged weapons, and magic which should be unlocked through the progress, upgraded and enchanted.

6. Grinding Through Modes

Whether it’s a beginner or pro Shadow Fight 2 player, no one can skip grinding except you invest real money on it. Explore the game modes and complete matches to earn currencies. Use them to redeem items and upgrade your equipment.

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