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One the most crucial of the Shadow Fight gameplay is the equipment. To some extent, equipment plays a pivotal role to succeed through various Shadow Fight game modes. There are five types of equipment used in the Shadow Fight 2 universe including, weapon, ranged weapon, magic, armor, and helm. All of this equipment collaboratively support your performance in the Shadow Fight 2 gameplay. Despite the offense-based equipment, the defense is another crucial aspect of the game. At this point, the discussion of Armor is inevitable in Shadow Fight 2.

Main Function

Armor in Shadow Fight 2 has a specific function in reducing the damages impacting the body while the helmets do the same job for the head. In other hands, the use of armor also improves your basic moves in the gameplay. It’s very interesting to have these function in a single item to use.

How to Acquire

The major way to get the armors in the Shadow Fight 2 is redeeming them in the shop. At this point, you’ll need to spend a certain amount of coins or gems which are the main currencies of the Shadow Fight universe. Since it delivers a direct improvement to your performance, investing armors for your play is worth to do. The price of armors varies based on their types and categories.

Types of Armors

Shadow Fight 2 has three types of armors available in the shop including Standard Armors, Super Armors, and Special Armors. Each type of armor is divided into particular armors which has specific features and stats which can help you to deal with various challenges in the Shadow Fight 2 gameplay. The higher challenges seem to require armors with higher stats for sure.

Standard Armors

It’s a type of armor which doesn’t have the enchantments but still upgradable. You can buy the standard armors with gems or coins. Shadow Fight 2 allows you to upgrade your existing standard armors by spending more coins. Since it doesn’t have the enchantments, scaling up is only possible through manual upgrades.

Super Armors

The super armors are the advanced armory in the Shadow Fight 2. Unlike the standard armors, Super Armors can only be bought with gems and available with enchantments. Super Armors has unique development system which scales up following your progress in the gameplay. The higher the level you’re in, the stronger Super Armors you’d get.

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Special Armors

Special Armors are the special edition of Shadow Fight 2 armory. They’re only available in the special events, so you can’t acquire it any time like the other armors. Some Special Armors have specific features but not the pivotal ones since it’s also part of the game social’s element, to attract more player through events. However, you can find some special armors in the Special Edition section in the shop while the rests would remain only available through in-game events. You need to stay tuned on the event notification to have more chances in getting special armors. It’s always fun to join the events and get the special reward even though you afford to buy them in the shop.

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