Shadow Fight 2: The Offense Moves

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Offense moves are the perk available in the Perk Tree along with the Special Abilities. Unlike other items in Shadow Fight 2, the offense moves work following the progressive aspects, not the coins or gems. It means that you’ll unlock new moves every time you level up. As the primary perk of the gameplay, you can’t customize moves but you can learn them to improve them for sure.

You can learn six major offense moves in the Shadow Fight 2. Learning is an inevitable task to get the new moves since it’s not given by default at the beginning of your play. You may also find the moves are less damaging as you started to play but it would gradually increase following your progress.

Double Sweep

It’s the first move will be unlocked as you’ve reached level 2. It can be performed by tapping the Down button and Kick button. Reaching level 2 isn’t a big deal since you can accomplish it within minutes of your first play. Learning this move isn’t difficult either and it would be continuously used all the time.

Double Jump Kick

Once you’ve reached level 3 in Shadow Fight 2, you can unlock a new move called the Double Jump Kick. Do your best with the double sweep to reach the level 3. You can swipe up and tap the Kick Button, then kick again to perform Double Jump Kick. Starting from this point, you can collaborate the Double Sweep and Double Jump Kick to perform a more effective offense. Revealing new moves also improves your controls and game experience.

Elbow Strike

Along with Double Jump Kick, you can also unlock Elbow Strike in level three. You can perform it by swiping diagonally down left/right depending on your position against your opponent’s. and tap the Punch button. It aims the middle to up of opponent’s body section. Swiping could be a tricky part, accurately managing your control allows these moves to run smoothly.

Two Foot Jump Kick

You’ll use only these three moves until you’ve reached level 7 for sure where you can unlock the Two Foot Jump Kick move. It’s a more powered move which casually damages your opponent more. You can perform this move by swiping down left and taping the kick button accordingly.

Flip Kick

Going forward three more levels, you can unlock the flip kick movements at level 10. You can perform the move by swiping diagonal left or right depending on your position toward your opponent’s. This move provides a more flexible offense possession on the tighter space of fight. When you get cornered, this could be an offensive escape as well.


Like in SmackDown, you can also perform Suplex move in Shadow Fight 2 but only if you’ve reached level 13. It could be a deadly move but controlling and performing suplex could be a daunting task. You’ll have to be behind your opponent, facing the same direction and maintaining a very close range, then you can perform it. You can perform it by swiping left or right then taping punch button accordingly.

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