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Nekki has repeated success on the Shadow Fight franchise by making it available for mobile users. It offers fabulous combat gameplay with shadow characters. You can participate in at least five game modes and two additional modes of the Shadow Fight 2 including story, duel, tournament, survival, challenge, Eclipse, and Ascension. Let’s have a look at them.

8 Basic Game Modes


The story is about a ninja defeating seven demon bosses. In the storyline, you’ll have to fight against the guardians before able to challenge a demon boss. It’s not easy to defeat them all, you need to participate in other modes to grind and earn some currencies to proceed story further. It requires the energy currency for every fight you take in story mode.


In this mode, you’re able to fight against other AI shadow fighters with random weapons. You can unlock the duel mode after defeating at least two first guards. Ensure that your device is connected to a firm internet connection. The Duel mode is available every four hours, so you can enjoy six duel fights per day. Enable the notification so you’ll get informed every time the duel is available.


The tournament gameplay is about challenging numbers of fighters in fair matches, if you’ve defeated some guards, then you’ll be familiar with this fight. There will be 8 or 24 stages of challenges to complete before and during the interlude. Again, each fight consumes one bar energy. You’ll challenge the fighter individually in the tournament mode.


In the survival mode, you will have to fight against the wave of enemies with 10 ninjas in total. There is no break, it’s the survival mode all about. It’s perfect if you can defeat all of those ninjas to get the full rewards for it. It requires energy bars to activate each survival game. A more strategic approach may help you survive this game mode.

 shadow fight 2 game modes


In this mode, you’re able to challenge other fighters in the Shadow Fight 2 for a fight. Once your challenge is accepted you’ll fight them in a fight with certain conditions and rules applied. Like in the tournament, there are 8 or 24 stages of challenges before and during the Interlude. Completing the challenges rewards you with currency and chances to progress.


This mode allows you to have progressive fights against other fighter but with additional rewards. In the eclipse mode, you’re able to enchant your equipment as you’d be rewarded with additional Orbs each time you won a fight.


Like the duel mode, you’ll have to defeat other ninjas with specific conditions and rules applied in each match. Instead of currency, you’ll be rewarded with the spinning of the random prize pool.


It’s the only multiplayer mode in the Shadow Fight 2 where you can team up with other ninja players to defeat the demon bosses. It’s very enjoyable to build a squad or a clan of your friends to destroy the bosses. You can both join an existing clan or create one on your own.

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