Shadow Fight 2 Game Mode: The Duel

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If you’ve been playing Shadow Fight 2 and defeated the first two demon’s bodyguards, you’ll be able to unlock the Duel mode. Even though it’s not a live PvP mode where you’re fighting against other players, you still need to connect internet to play duel mode. However, the Duel in the province of Act VII and Interlude remain unlocked without necessarily defeating the bodyguards first. Here is what you need to know about Duel mode in the Shadow Fight 2.


Duel mode is pretty much like the ordinary fight battle with three rounds as the win set. The one who wins two rounds is the winner. You will fight against unknown opponents(typically ninjas) under certain rules which could be different for each duel game. It means you can face different types/level of challenges in each Duel stage.

Four Hour Mode

The Duel run in the four-hour cycle which has different consequences as you’re winning and losing for sure. If you win the Duel game, then the game mode would be unlocked for the next four hours. In other hands, the default challenge and rule would be available for four hours. So, you have four hours to complete the duel game until the challenge and rules changed. However, don’t worry about missing the Duel as you’ll always get the notification about the ongoing and new challenges. In the end, it works like Live Event in Sports mobile game which offers different challenges on a regular basis. The “Duel” term seems not exactly representing how this game mode run, but it’s still fun to play.

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Rules and Equipment

The nature of the Duel rules is completely random. The equipment is also provided randomly to the players so you can forget your collection for a while as you’re playing the Duel mode. Selecting the equipment is also disabled in this game mode. It’s definitely a challenging task to adapt to different rules and challenges for each state but as it’s previously mentioned, you have four hours to complete the ongoing Duel stage.


If the rules, challenges, and equipment are completely random, how about the difficulties? As expected, Shadow Fight 2 has a fair system by keeping the difficulties constant through different Duel stages or challenges. Since you can’t see the label of easy, normal, hard, insane, or impossible, it’s a daunting task to put it into the categories. However, the difficulties of the Duel fights would be around Normal to Hard. Assuming you’ve defeated two demon’s bodyguard to unlock this game, you should be able to complete the fight within the cycle of four hours.


The major rewards of winning the Duel fights are the experience(XP) and tickets. A certain amount of XP and tickets would be rewarded as you won or complete the Duel challenges. The number of rewards would increase following your progress to level up but it’s actually rather weird since you can’t level up only by winning the Duel Fights. Above all, the excitement of Duel in Shadow Fight 2 is actually a rewarding experience itself.

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