Shadow Fight 2 Enchantment Recipes

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When you buy or get items in the Shadow Fight 2 you’ll get the bonuses which are called the enchantments. These usually apply for most items including weaponry, armory, ranged weaponry, magic, and helms but unfortunately, not for moves and skills. The enchantments have the specific effects on the item performances which are actually beneficial to your play in Shadow Fight 2.

There are three major categories of recipes which are used to forged including Simple, Medium, and Mythical. Forging activity will use the Shadow Orbs and will result in better items. You’ll find up to 20 enchantments in the Shadow Fight 2. Here are the recipes of enchantment.

Simple Recipes

The simple recipes are the basic recipes to forge your item enchantments. The simple recipes take a shorter time to finish the forging. In fact, it’s the fastest recipe available to forge your items. In other hands, the simple recipes only require a single type of Shadow Orbs which is the green one to perform. The simple recipes are applicable to these following enchantments: Precision, Overheat, Poisoning, Weakness, Magic Recharge, Bloodrage, Rejuvenation, and Damage Absorption. However, it should be noted that each item has different enchantments to activate. For example, the Poisoning enchantment is only available inRanged Weapons, Magic and Melee Weapons and absent on helms and armors.

Medium Recipes

Medium Recipes are the more complex recipes which use two types of Shadow Orbs including Green and Red to perform the forging. Since it’s more complex than the simple recipes, medium recipes provide more benefits to items which are enchanted with.

Medium Recipes are applicable to these following enchantments: Life Drain, Bleeding, Enfeeble, Frenzy, Stun, Time Bomb, Regeneration, Shielding, and Damage return. Some of these enhancements have similar functions those which are available for simple recipes but they have more power and longer effects as the enchanted items are used in the gameplay. With these enchantments, you’re able to defeat the intermediate enemies through the game modes. You can either use it for offense or defense. For example, the Bleeding enchantment can make your enemy losing up to 30% of their health within five seconds of effects. In other hands, enchantments like the Shielding allows you to reduce the effectiveness of the opponent’s attack for up to 75 %.

Mythical Recipes

Mythical Recipes are the unique recipes which aren’t available by default until you’ve unlocked Ascension mode for while Monk’s Set. Completing the sets are actually a daunting task which makes the mythical recipes as the most challenging recipes in the Shadow Fight 2. Mythical recipes use three types of Shadow Orbs to perform including Purple, Green, and Red.

Mythical Recipes are applicable for these following enchantments: Tempest Rage, Shield of the Righteous, Stone Fetters, Searing Luminary, and so forth. These enchantments are way more powerful than those which are available on the Medium Recipes. Both offense and defense properties of the item can increase up to 200% and they’re very helpful to help you defeating advanced bosses for sure.

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