Shadow Fight 2: Demon Bosses before Gates of Shadows

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Once you’ve entered the story mode of Shadow Fight 2, you’ll have to open the gates and defeat all the six demon bosses. It’s certainly the toughest mode in the Shadow Fights 2 gameplay. So, it might be so helpful to know the strength and weakness of each boss so you can build a more effective strategy to defeat them.

The include Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow, and Shogun


Lynx uses its claws as the primary weapon and uses the throwing daggers as the ranged weapon. Lynx’s magic is force wave, the one you should anticipate. The time bomb takes to two seconds before exploding. Lynx becomes visible when you damage him hard. At this point, you should be aware of any chances of magic or ranged weapon attacks from him. Beware of poisonous claws which progressively reduce your health during 5 seconds of effect.


Hermit is a demon with swords as his main weapon. However, the needles which are his ranged weapon are very deadly as well as is water ball magic ability. Hermit would levitate by spinning his swords to hit you so you’re vulnerable to the lightning he summoned right after the contact. Remember a successful hit will damage your shadow so bad and leave it 25% health remaining(from 100%). So, you need to break down his levitating to avoid any magic from Hermit. A more offensive strategy is required to defeat Hermit and not allow him to launch any ranged weapons.


Butcher use knives and chakram(disc) to hit your Shadow. He’s able to trigger an earthquake which can damage you but it’s avoidable by hitting Butcher first or simply jumping when it’s triggered. However, you should beware of the knife attacks which can cause bleeding which can reduce your health by up to 30 percent within five seconds.

shadow fight 2 demon bosses


Wasp can fly and is equipped with the Naginata and Shurikens of Nights. Wasp could be the most dynamic boss since she can easily send ranged weapons while avoiding yours. One of few chances to defeat Wasp is by canceling her attacks before she launches an attack and the rest is about jumping and ducking rolling forwards and backward. There are many game modes like Eclipse or Ascension.


The Widow can harm you with the daggers and fans. However, what should be more anticipated is her ability to teleport. She can easily appear behind you anytime in the frontal contact. The greatest chance to damage the Widow is by interrupting her teleport. The rest you can do could be dodging and jumping around and find chances to hit the Widow.


Shogun is the more powerful demon boss before the Gates of Shadows. He can damage you with his Katana and Keen Chakram. However, what you should be aware of is his ability to summon his bodyguards. It might take you in the survival within seconds and with no mercy. In other hands, Shogun’s armor absorbs most of your hits landed on his body.

It requires a survival strategy to fight Shogun but if you’re lucky, you can rush into his defense before he has any chance to summon his bodyguards.

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