How To Play Challenge Mode in Shadow Fight 2

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Shadow Fight 2 features five major modes that have different goals and objectives. Challenge is one of the most played modes in Shadow Fight 2. There are hundreds of Challenge stages spread across the Acts. You can find them in all provinces but completing these Challenges modes will also give you extensive challenges as well. You can unlock Challenge along with other game modes.

The Gameplay of Challenge is about fighting AI players within different stages which each consists of three rounds to play. In this article, we’ll inform you what you should know about Challenge mode in Shadow Fight 2 so you can play it properly. Here are some simple steps to play the Challenge mode

  • First, you need to win two of three rounds for securing your winning in each Challenge stages. That’s the only way you can complete the stage and move to the next ones. 
  • Second. Whenever you’ve lost the stage, don’t worry as you can play the mode from the same stage. Be sure to secure your winning in the second attempt.
  • Third, once you’ve won the rounds and completed the stages, you can collect the rewards and continue to the next Challenge stage. However, Challenge mode doesn’t force you to consecutively complete the stages. If you want to continue Acts or play other modes, you can leave Challenge mode and get back to start from the last checkpoint.


Yes, Challenge mode comes in four different difficulties including Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, and Impossible. However, the difficulty isn’t entirely optional as it also depends on your wielded equipment and your current level of skills.


As previously mentioned, you’ll get rewards as you’ve completed the stages with winning. These include a certain amount of coins and XP which depends on the current stage and level. There would be more fight bonuses in Challenge depending on the difficulties and how you complete the stage.

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Leveling Up

Challenge mode is a great source of XP if you can complete the stages. That explains how you can level up faster if you stay and play Challenge mode in Shadow Fight 2 longer. Of course, you’ll still need to play diverse mode but in case you focus on progressing up, playing Challenge mode would make a great contributor. At this point, whenever you need a level boost, you can simply head to Challenge mode.

One on One Fight

Challenge Mode features a one-on-one fight scene so you won’t find any team-ups. The gameplay is simple and what you need to do is beating your opponent. There would be two of three rounds you should win in each Challenge stage. Winning two rounds consecutively may provide you with better rewards.

Different stages

Shadow Fight 2’s Challenge mode comes in different stages. It should be noted that these stages don’t only represent the difficulties but also a different set of terms and conditions. At this point, it’s very important to be acknowledged with those rules before starting to play Challenge.

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