How To Get Free Coins in Shadow Fight 2

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Coins or golds are the basic primary currency in Shadow Fight 2 mobile game. You can basically use these gold coins to redeem and upgrade weapons, ranged weapons, armors, helmets, and other items. However, some premium or rare weapons and amulets can’t be purchased with coins. Coins can actually be earned through the game but you can make a shortcut by purchasing them with real money through in-app purchases.

Before you decide to purchase ones, it’s better to check ways to get free coins in Shadow Fight 2 below.

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Joining Tournaments

You can always get free coins by joining tournaments in Shadow Fight 2. As you get through Acts and stages, there will be more coins rewarded to you as well as XP. It’s not only leveling up your character but you can also bank more coins to develop your play. As this article is written, you can collect coins after completing stages in Tournament.

Enduring the Survival Round

Survival is undoubtedly a decent game mode in the Shadow Fight universe. It’s not only because they allow you to gain some Xps and green orbs, but they’ll reward you with a considerable amount of coins. What you need to do is endure the rounds consecutively from the beginning. Don’t worry the fights are usually less difficult than the tournament but you’ll have to still manage your HP well for endurance.

Defeating Demon Bosses’ Bodyguards

As you might have known that you’ll have to past several bodyguards before the demon bosses, five to be exact. Defeating bodyguards in three rounds will reward you with a considerable amount of coins, depending on the act where you are at. If you defeat the bosses, there will be also gems and XPs to earn. It should be noted that you need to finish these boss fights to unlock the next acts. So, just keep going and get your free coins during the process.

Winning The Duels

Before unlocking ascension, you need to beat at least two bodyguards in two of three rounds. If you’re a success, Shadow Fight 2 will reward you with coins and XPs. Duel is an online game mode, ensure that you’re connected to a stable Internet connection. However, you’ll need to win these duels if you want to get free coins.

Completing Challenge

If you’re able to win two rounds through 24 stages after completing the tournament, there would be valuable rewards you can collect. These include a considerable amount of coins and XPs. The good news is that you can replay them even though the number of the stage is cut by half on the second attempt. Simply complete the challenges through acts to get more free coins in Shadow Fight 2.

Stay Tuned on New Modes

It’s not a secret that Shadow Fight usually brings new things through their updates. These include new game modes or special game modes that allow you to get more free coins through their completion. Each of them may have different rules and rewards but they also give you a wider option to collect more currencies.

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