Currencies in Shadow Fight 2

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Shadow Fight has at least four in-game currencies. These currencies can be acquired as rewards and used to purchase perks, items, and so forth. They’re divided into primary and secondary currencies. The primary currencies are Gold, Platinum, and Credit while the primary currencies are the gems. Each currency has both generic and specific functions to redeem perks and other amenities. The interesting fact is that each currency is only valid for certain scopes of stages. You’ll have to exchange the remaining invalid currencies with the valid ones in a fixed change rate.

Let’s have a look at those currencies

Gold Coins

Gold Coins is one of the primary currencies which is used in most parts of the gameplay. It’s consumed to redeem and purchase items including weapons, ranged weapons, magic, helms, armors, and so forth. The great news is that all the game modes of Shadow Fight 2 offer gold coins to acquire for each victory or completion in various amounts in each mode and/or level. As usual, you can buy Gold with your real money through in-app purchase. The use of Gold Coins is valid until you reach the Interlude.


Once you’ve reached the Interlude, the gameplay would introduce you with the platinum coins. In this stage, Gold Coins are no longer valid nor usable and totally replaced with the Platinum Coins. You can exchange your gold at a change rate of 100,000 Gold Coins for a single Platinum Coin. From now on, the game modes also rewards you with Platinum Coins in various amounts. The Platinum Coins are valid until the front yard of the Act VII.

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Once you’ve reached Act VII, Platinum Coins are no longer valid. You can exchange your bank accounts with the change rate of 100,000 Platinum Coins for 1 Credit once you’ve reached the Titan’s realm. You need these Credits to improve your Shadows even further since you won’t survive the challenges from this points without upgrades and improvements on your works. The great news is that all the game modes also rewards you with Credits from now on even though the grinding activity would be definitely tougher and more time-consuming for sure.


Rubies or Gems is actually the secondary in-game currency of Shadow Fight 2 but also the premium one. In fact, you can use Rubies as substitutions of Gold Coins, Platinum Coins, and even Credits to buy and upgrade your Shadow’s equipment except for the knives. Some enchanted items can only be bought with Rubies. It’s the only currency valid in the Underworld mode. It’s actually reasonable since you’ll need special enchanted items in the Underworld mode. the gameplay his quite generous by providing you with nine Rubies by default, spend them wisely. It’s not necessary to spend your Rubies before Underworld is unlocked.

Currencies can be both acquired rewards or IAPs. However, it’s okay to freely play the game before the Interlude without playing anything. After the Interlude, you might find that the grinding becomes harder and slower to progress. At this point, you may consider purchasing some currencies with your real money.

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