Upcoming Home Funerals & Green Burials Events

  • Home Funeral Workshop
    Old Traditions – New Ways: Bringing after-death care back home
    We offer home funeral workshops several times a year. If you are interested in attending one, please contact
    Sandy Booth, 512-440-7979,

Description of Events:

Meetup = (1 hour) Very casual one hour meeting that we host once a month to discuss a variety of topics and answer questions of those in attendance. We discuss funeral options that are environmentally considerate, reflect personal values, and and make economic sense. For upcoming meetups please visit:

Workshop = (3-hours) A hands-on, experiential workshop where we practice providing after-death care to a body (a volunteer who acts as the deceased) and an in-home vigil. We will discuss what is required in terms of supplies and how to go about the step-by-step process. We allow plenty of time to have all your questions answered. Join us to learn • What is a home funeral like? • Is it legal? • Is embalming necessary? • What paperwork is required? • What do I do when someone dies? • Is this a good fit for my family? • How can friends, family and community be involved and supportive? • What is a green burial? • Where are the green burial cemeteries in the area? For more complete information, please view workshop flyer.

Library Talk = (1.5-hours) Informational talk about home funerals and green burials including a slide show presentation of photos. We allow time at the end of the presentation for questions and answers. If you would like to schedule one of these for a small group of people, we are happy to come to your facility.