• Undertaken With Love: A Home Funeral Guide for Congregations and Communities
    A manual to teach your congregational bereavement care committee or other social group:
    * how to start a home funeral committee;
    * how to research and identify your legal rights, options and responsibilities;
    * how to handle, bathe and transport the body; and
    * how to sustain an effective home funeral committee.
    [Free pdf download at
  • Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death by Joshua Slocum and Carlson Lisa
    As with natural childbirth and hospice, Americans are asserting their right to take charge of a major event in their lives. Many still want the help of a funeral director-but to assist, not to direct. And many are handling it themselves, with home burials, green burials, or direct arrangements with a crematory.Joshua Slocum and Lisa Carlson are the two most prominent leaders of that movement. In Final Rights, they provide the information consumers need to take back their rights under existing law, while proposing legal changes that could benefit all Americans who will plan or pay for a funeral.
  • Dealing Creatively with Death: A Manual of Death Education and Simple Burial by Ernest Morgan
    This manual on death education is a ‘must’ for any involved in hospice care or work with the terminally ill: it covers everything from living with terminally ill individuals to the right to die, memorial societies, and death ceremonies. Its focus on the emotional and economic costs of death is unparalleled.
  • Living Into Dying by Nancy Poer
  • Grave Matters – a Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial by Mark Harris. ‘Grave Matters follows families who found in “green” burial a more natural, more economic, and ultimately more meaningful alternative to the tired and toxic send-off  on offer at the local funeral parlor.’